How I met my husband

Okay when I say God designed my marriage I’m not kidding. When you pray for something and trust God, your blessings are going to locate you wherever you are. So lets get this story started. It was love at first picture, at least for one of us *coughs* my husband. Is that even a word “love at first picture” well, I don’t know. Bella, my husband first reached out to me on facebook but funny enough I didn’t see that message till about two years after. I just wasn’t a social media fan at that time. He reached out to me on whatsapp and I responded. Lucky enough he knew some of my family members and that’s why I even responded. We started talking but I wasn’t really giving him that much attention because I was in a relationship. Fast forward, 2 months later my parents found out about him and my other relationship got rocky and we went our separate ways. The saying when you know you just know is true. I had this feeling for the first time ever I wan’t to marry this man. Everyone thought I was crazy considering we hadn’t even met. Marriage is an important decision and I didn’t wan’t to make a mistake. Most importantly I wanted it to be my mistake if need be. If there’s anything, never let anyone tell you who to marry. They can give their opinions but the sole decision should be yours to make. The reason I knew this was what God destined for me was because I prayed about it. We started talking and I loved his personality. He was like the opposite of me in some aspects which complimented me well. About six months later, he came to Cameroon we hit it off and that’s when I was sure. Ohh less I forgot, he wanted to get married to me from the jump. I know! I know! I was like what. But as i said earlier, when you know you know. He came back to the USA and we spoke every single day for more than a year even when internet was cut from the southwest region (those from Cameroon will understand).

To cut the long story short, I came to the USA a year and half later and we had our beautiful son after fifteen months. Life just keeps getting better and better and I couldn’t thank God enough.

2 responses to “How I met my husband”

  1. Veneranda Acha Avatar
    Veneranda Acha

    That’s beautiful


    1. Thanks dear


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