How to know he is the one

First of I want to say every love story is different. While some people are going to have the fairy tale love were they meet and know the same day this is the one for me, others don’t. Most people actually became friends or don’t even like each other at the first instant but end up together. So, I don’t want you to to overthink it. Movies is different from real life people. We humans are all different. The saying “One man’s food is another man’s poison,” just goes to prove that everyone’s wants are different. When I met my husband I knew he was the one because he was tall, that was a must for me because I’m tall and also our fitness goals were similar and so on. For some people, an adventurous person is a must, God-fearing, does act of service, wants kids and so on. So it gets more specific for each individual. I’m just going to outline some signs I think are important based on research and my personal experience.

1)He communicates with you. This is very important because trust me when i say there is no relationship without communication. A healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build a healthy and strong partnership. I understand when we are communicating we only want to be heard. But the most important thing is to listen. Someone who listens to you even when they are angry that’s important. Many problems stems from not listening.

2) A God- fearing man. As a christian, I wanted a God-fearing man to build our faith together and pull me when I fall short. We will have the same values and understand each other more. What ever faith you are, it is important to make God the center of your relationship.

3) He should trust you. Personally I feel there is no relationship without trust. Trust allows you to be vulnerable, open, respectful.

4) Your goals should align. Have conversations and you guys should want similar things wether it is kids, a house, your future together.

5) He should respect you. Gone are the days when respect is only for a man. There is the saying “Treat here like a queen and she will treat you like a king.” Respect is just the way he treats you.

6) He should be your peace and comfort. When you are happy or sad is he the first person you wan’t to share the news with?

7) He should make you happy/laugh. Studies shows that laughter is the best medicine. It triggers the releases of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Laughter helps you live longer and even burns calories ( I know I just found that out too).

8) He should be romantic. This is mostly important for women because women feel loved by the way you should them.

9) He should compliment you. This helps increase your self confidence.

10) He should introduce you to his loved ones. A man who wants to keep you will not hide you period.

11) He should be your friend. You have to genuinely like your spouse. Want to spend time with them, crack jokes, laugh and cry together.

12) He creates time for you. Everyone is busy. But you create time for people that matter to you. I knew my husband was the one when we spoke everyday for more than a year and never got bored. We were miles apart, different time zones no internet but we made it happen.

13) He pushes you to achieve your dreams. He inspires you to be your best.

14) He is hardworking. “A idle man is the devil’s workshop.”

15) He should be assertive. A strong man who can take care of his family. Make his decisions and stand by them.

16) He should protect you.

17) He loves you for who you are. He loves you at your best and worst. You feel comfortable and yourself when with him.

17) He should be sexually attracted to you. Not infatuation but love your body and pleases you in every way. Sex is very important in a marriage. It’s a way for you to bond on not just a physical but spiritual level.

18) He is kind.

19) He loves you. This is the last for me because when a man loves he shows you and tells you in every way. And he does nearly everything on this list. hahaha

20) Lastly, off the list but i think this is very important. You need to love yourself first sis. If you don’t love yourself you will not appreciate someone loving you because you will think you are not capable of being loved. If you need therapy, that’s fine take it. For you to have a relationship with someone you first have to have a good relationship with yourself. No one can make you feel good more than your self. You are your biggest cheerleader.

So tell me how did you know your partner was the one. Drop your comments below.

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