My trip to Miami, Florida

I haven’t travelled out of my state in 3 years and that’s how long I’ve been in the USA. So this year I made a conscious decision to travel at-least once a year.

What I learned is traveling opens you to different cultures. You learn a lot from the different people to their activities and so on. Do I love Miami yes but do I want to stay there NO. First off, it’s super hottttttt and this is coming from someone who loves a hot weather. Secondly, it’s expensive. Going there and having fun for few days and splurging is ok for me but for that to be my daily activity no. And another thing I love is because it’s a touristic site, if you have a business I think it is going to thrive but taxes will be higher too. Thirdly, if you are a beach person then Miami is for you. The water is cool and relaxing I loved spending my day on the beach except it was so hot haha. There is no free parking just to let you know even our hotel didn’t offer any. The hotel was charging us $42 per night luckily we found one for $20. Let me tell you a funny story, My hubby came into the the room and he was so hungry he saw some some snack and drinks and started eating them thinking it was free. He was so wrong we got charged almost $40 for that so never assume ask before you use. Also, did you know 70% of their population is Latino?

WHAT YOU NEED TO TRAVEL TO MIAMI. 1) swimsuits (as many as you will need depending on how often you are going to be at the beach). 2) Beach towels ( some hotels offer this). 3) A beautiful night outfit 4) Tank tops and shorts, gowns ( you really don’t need anything long). 5) Makeup ( put in a transparent quartz size bag). 6) Pair of slippers and sandals

How much we spent on our 2 day trip to Miami, Florida. 1) Flight tickets -$759. 2) Hotel – $610. 3) Rental car + parking – $125. 4) Food+ drinks – $253. 5) Boat ride – $47. 6) Umbrella rental for beach – $10 7) Souvenir + tips – $40. Total – $1719

If you want cheaper flights book them earlier so you can avoid paying for seats and the tickets will be cheaper. We stayed at AxelBeach Miami south beach. It’s just a walk to the south beach.

Overall I had so much fun and I can’t wait to go on another vacation.

4 responses to “My trip to Miami, Florida”

  1. Awww 🥰 so beautiful wish to have same experience sm days


  2. Wow, wow, wow! I can see how relaxed your trip was. Keep soaring my beautiful couple

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  3. Yasss Mummy Cayden. Go girl👏🏻

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  4. Thanks viomiluv


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