I previously announced on my blog that we are expecting another baby and the time is near. If you plan on giving birth at the hospital then you should start having your bags packed by 8 months. You want to have your bags packed early because you never know when the baby may come. With that being said I’m giving you a minimalist idea of what you should pack. Since this is my second baby I have an idea or two on what you actually need so as not to overpack like I did for my first baby. Make sure to call your hospital and find out what they offer you because some offer a lot.

I’m going to divide this into 3 sections:


  1. Comfortable PJs. After giving birth you will want to get out from the hospital gown and put on something refreshing. Grab one or 2 nursing friendly PJs and a robe cover because it can get really cold in the hospital.
  2. NON-SLIP SOCKS. Some hospitals provide these, but again you just want to bring your own comfy pair of socks.
  3. SLIPPERS. If you are giving birth in the winter like me you will want some comfy pair of warm slippers. Something you can walk around in so you dont get your socks dirty or carry germs from the floor back to the bed.
  4. NURSING BRAS and nursing pads. You will want to get one or two nursing bras especially in black. I’ll advice you to size up because once you start producing breastmilk your breast size will increase. You dont really need nursing pads because you may not likely start producing breastmilk till after two days but who knows right.
  5. BLACK COMFY UNDERWEAR. Even if you do not like granny pants like me they will be the most comfortable during this period. I’m talking about black fitting undies to keep your pads or depends in place.
  6. FLIP FLOPS. After labour you will be dying to get a shower and you will want some comfortable flip flops for it when the time comes.
  7. COMFORTABLE GOING HOME CLOTHES. I know you are dying to look sexy but trust me you are going to feel most comfortable in some comfy clothes. I love a good black legging and top or some lounge wear. Also, don’t forget a comfortable pair of slippers or shoe during the winter.
  8. MAKEUP BAG. Look I’m not a judgy person and as I said it’s your hospital bag so pack whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you love to apply some makeup during or after labour that’s great. I didn’t take it for my first son but i will definitely be taking some this time around just to look presentable especially for some pictures. Do not forget lip balm your lips can be very dry and choppy during labour.
  9. TOILETTERIES. This includes toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing soap, towels, hairbrush, deodorant, shampoo, lotion.
  10. BREASTFEEDING PILLOW. I didn’t bring this with my first son and it was a little hard to breastfeed so i’m definitely bringing it this time around.
  11. A COMFORTABLE PILLOW AND BLANKET. The hospital is not a hotel. If you want something to your taste just bring yours. Especially the blankets because theirs is so light.
  12. GADGETS. Phone charger, Ipads, laptop, books, camera, phone, bluetooth and a playlist if you need to turn on some music. Whatever to keep you busy, calm and not bored.
  13. You can also get some aromatics like lavender mist and a diffuser if it helps keeps you calm.
  14. Finally, your photo ID, insurance info, hospital forms and birth plan.
  15. Other things your hospital may not provide but mine does so im not taking it; regular pads, ice cold pads, peri-bottle, water bottle, tylenol.


  1. APPROVED CAR SEAT. My son’s car seat was installed at about 8 months. Most hospitals will not let you leave till you have an installed car seat.
  2. BLANKET. To wrap baby and also as a car seat cover.
  3. CLOTHES, SOCKS AND HAT. My hospital provides this so i will be bringing a going home outfit and one to take pictures for my baby
  4. DIAPERS AND WIPES. My hospital provides this too.
  5. Most hospitals provide breastfeeding pump


  1. Gadgets, blanket, pillow, snacks and toiletteries.

I think I’ve covered everything. Feel free to add anything you may need. As I always say it’s your hospital bag so whatever makes you comfortable.

I hope you found this blog for what to pack in your hospital bag helpful! Don’t forget to follow, like and comment. Thank you.

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