On a sunny afternoon, sitting on my porch and sipping my lemon water, I began to reflect on a lot of things. I remember when I was younger and wanted to be a lot of things. I wanted to be a model, motivational speaker for couples because I was fascinated about marriage at such a young age and realized that marriage is a gift from God. So why is it that something beautiful like this keeps failing? Why does it make a lot of people unhappy? I wanted to be an author another reason I started this blog. I loved drawing, reading, dancing but all of this faded away as I grew up. Being an introvert and an extremely shy person I didn’t know how this was possible but a girl can dream right. I remember telling my mom I know I’m really shy but I’m going to stand in front of a crowd on day and motivate people. Don’t know how but I will do it. I love my mom she always supported me all the way and even tried to make me do things like read in church and sing in the choir. I love you mom. It’s funny how when we are little we have all this dreams and aspirations and then just dash them away. Mostly because of fear and more responsibilities being added to us. I mean, a girl has got to pay her bills. One of the things I love being a mom is seeing my kids excited about the little things. Having fun doing what they love. I realized one of the reasons I hid in my shell is because of fear. Fear of making a mistake and people mocking me. Fear of being judged or seen as the girl who thinks she’s all that. I never wanted to be the center of anything. I used to be that girl that will never raise her hand in class to answer a question even if she knew the right answer, who cried a river because she was asked to stand in front of the whole school. I used to be that girl. The one thing I no longer do is labelling myself as shy. When you put a label on yourself, your brain processes it and anytime you want to break out from it, it limits you. If you are like me I want to let you know I hear you and I see you. As I’m approaching twenty six I keep asking myself, when are you going to walk in your purpose? When are you going to stop making excuses? Funny story is I started a YouTube channel I think two years ago and barely posted because I was focused on reading for my board exam. Then after that I needed to get a camera, lights, microphone. Still I wasn’t posting I said I needed to have a nice background so I designed my studio about seven months ago and I’ve done just one video. At this moment I don’t know how my husband keeps putting up with me but I love you babe. I just keep putting it off with the excuse I’m too busy or I’m not ready. Moral of the story is you will never be fully ready. If you don’t start and be consistent you will never know. I’ve had this blog for I think three years and just posted less than 7 posts and this is coming from someone who loves writing.

F.E.A.R has two meanings- Forget Everything and Run OR Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours. The truth is until you face your fears you will never really tap into your potential. You will never know what you are capable of doing because you wouldn’t make any mistake. Mistakes are meant for you to learn and grow. The greatest people who ever lived made lots of mistakes and guess what they learned from it. So today I make a commitment to post on this blog every week regardless of how many people see it because I think everyone has a story to be shared which can inspire someone. I don’t care about the money so long as I get to change someone’s life. I’m going to face my fears because guess what not everyone will agree with me but I’m going to focus on the percentage that does.

FUN FACT – I wrote this post before I actually came up with the tittle.

So tell me what is one thing you have always wanted to do and what is holding you back?

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